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MATTHEW BOMBA - Exterior Remodeling Specialist



   I have installed almost every home improvement item I carry (I am not just a salesman).  My grandfather Taft Vordenbaum started home improvement sales in 1949 around San Antonio and surrounding areas offering the highest quality exteriors in the business using similar products such as our Cut Masonry.  My father David Bomba started home improvement sales in 1959 around Corpus Christi and surrounding areas.


  The exterior product that was sold was a multi coat masonry, lathe reinforced system, similar to that of stucco. Today Cut Masonry uses this same system using heavy galvanized metal lathe and multi coat masonry system. While the product is still wet the preferred design is cut into the final coat of this system.

Cut masonry is sand, cement and masonry. Cut Masonry requires no extra foundation and is resistant to many of Mother nature's furies including Hail and Fire.

As I have been told this story many times by my father David Bomba. I feel it is necessary to include and I quote;

 "Over 5000 brick homes were destroyed or where damaged during hurricane Celia in July 1970 and my product did not have a single loss".


  This experience along with being a third generation remodeler offers you as a home owner unprecedented knowledge of home improvement. No Painting Required with Cut Masonry on your home.  Why buy or build new? Remodeling with EXDTERIOR REMODELING SPECIALIST adds to the beauty and value of your home. In most cases Cut Masonry is of higher quality then new homes are built with today.  Never paint again!

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