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The appearance of your home is highly dependent on the siding and its condition. A fresh coat of paint on the existing siding can make all the difference if that is all the outside of your home needs. If the siding is in the need of repair, a coat a paint is not the remedy you require. The siding pieces that are in disrepair can be replaced. If most of the siding needs to be replaced then a repair job will not be enough. The existing siding will have to be torn off and replaced with new siding. Another option is to cover the existing siding with vinyl siding. How do you decide which is the best option?


It is hard to pick an option without knowing the cost of each one. Contact exterior paint professionals, home siding professionals on you existing siding, and vinyl siding professionals. Get quotes from each of them. Ask them how long they guarantee their work for and how long they expect it to last. Calculate which options gives you the best value depending on how long you are going to live there. Make sure adding vinyl siding is a good option for your neighborhood. Talk to local realtors about it. In some areas vinyl siding is preferred for its low maintenance but in other neighborhoods it is not desirable and might lower the value of your home.


There are a lot of things to consider when updating the siding on your home. Paint, repair, replace, or cover all have their benefits. To figure out which is best for you and your home, consider all the factors: cost, how long it will last, how many years you plan on living in the home, does the siding choice add value or subtract value from your home, and also maintenance costs.

There are many options in choosing the right house siding material; vinyl, wood, fiber cement, etc. When getting the right siding for your home it helps to choose the right contractor. A good siding contractor knows which materials are best suited for your house design.


Vinyl siding is economic and will last a long time, but may not have a resale value you are looking for.


Wood is the traditional choice, but there are more options with that to like wood shingle siding or wood clapboard siding.


The alternative is an environmentally friendly selection of fiber cement siding. Fiber cement siding is more expensive to purchase and install but the paint lasts much much longer.


A good contractor will help you understand your options. Your house siding material effects your home resale value and each option has different upkeep expenses, so picking an expert contractor is important.

Choosing the Right Siding Material

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